Book Chapters (peer reviewed)

  • Popenici, S. (2015). Building and Rebuilding the Individual as a Teleological Function of Educational Imagery. In Pochta, Y., Chunsong G. and Kaulemu, D. (Eds.), Re-storying the ‘Polis’: Civil Society as Narrative Reconstruction, (Chapter: VI, pp.113 – 124). Washington D.C.: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy
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  • Popenici, S. (2010) Contemporary Heroes and StudentsMotivation for Learning. In Egan, K., Madej, K. (Eds.), Engaging imaginations and developing creativity. (pp. 159-176) Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Popenici, S (2007) Imagination in education. In Stiintele educatiei: dictionar enciclopedic (Education sciences: encyclopaedic dictionary). Noveanu, E., Potolea, D., Eds.) Bucharest: Sigma Publishing

Book Chapters

  • Popenici, S. (2005). View of Nature in Romania. In Nature-views 40 countries in the World. Youth Friendship Association in Japan. Tokyo: Institute of Field Culture Research
  • Popenici, S. (Editor and co-author) (2005) Motivatia invatarii si reusita sociala. (Motivation for learning and social success). Bucharest: Institute for Educational Sciences
  • Popenici, S. (2003). Culturi organizationale in scoala romaneasca II (Organizational cultures in Romanian education II). Bucharest: Institute for Educational Sciences
  • Popenici, S. (2001). Ghid de management pentru şcolile din zone defavorizate (Management Guide for Schools within Disadvantaged Areas). Bucharest: Institute of Educational Sciences/CNROP


  • Popenici, S. and Kerr, S. (2013). What Undermines Higher Education – and How This Impacts Employment, Economies and Our Democracies. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace
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  • Popenici, S (2001). Pedagogia alternativa (Alternative Pedagogy). Polirom: Iasi

Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

  • Popenici, S. (2015). How universities can nurture creativity for graduate employability. International HETL Review, 5(9), URL:
  • Hajdarpasic, A., Brew, A. & Popenici, S. (2013). The contribution of academics’ engagement in research to undergraduate education. Studies in Higher Education 40 (4), pp. 644-657 doi: 10.1080/03075079.2013.842215
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Peer-reviewed conference papers and presentations

  • Brew, A., Hajdarpasic, A., Jewell, E., & Popenici, S. (2012). Working in Partnership with students; undergraduate research and the scholarship of academic practice. Paper presented at the Conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Research on Teaching and Learning: Integrating Practices. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – 22-27 October 2012.
  • Popenici, S (2006). Internationalisation of Higher Education: Erasmus vs. GATS. “Education With/Out Borders. SASAMAT Fifth Annual Faculty of Education-Wide Symposium” Belcarra Park, Port Moody, Canada.
  • Popenici, S. (2006). Imagine the future: role models and students’ captured imagination. Paper presented at The Imaginative Education Research Symposium, 12-15 July, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver B.C., Canada.
  • Popenici, S. (2005), Motivatia invatarii si reusita sociala (Motivation for learning and social success). The Institute of Educational Sciences, Bucharest, Romania.
  • Popenici, S (2004). Teaching Responsible Citizenship through Imaginative Narrative Mythological Structures. Keynote Speaker at 2nd International Conference on Imagination and Education, IERG-Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, BC, Canada – July.
  • Popenici, S (2004). Globalization and Romanian Educational System’s Reform. Presented at the International Colloquium “Education and Multiculturalism. National Unity and Global Solidarity”, Institute for Educational Sciences Romania & Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (USA), Bucharest, Romania.
  • Popenici, S (2003). “Teacher stories”. Presented at the Professional Workshop “Narrative construal of Identity”, by Paul Costello, Director of Center for Narrative Studies – Washington D.C., Bucharest, Romania.
  • Popenici, S (2001). Citizenship Education in Romania. Presented at the National Seminar on Education for Democratic Citizenship, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Serbia, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Popenici, S (2001). “Education for All in Romania”. Presented at the National Conference for MATRA Project “Equal Chances for Romany Children: School Development Programs and parents’ Involvement”. Sinaia, Romania, October.

Invited speeches, workshops and presentations (selection)

  • 2016: Keynote Speaker at the international conference “Specific methodologies in educational alternatives”, organised by The Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences in Bistrita, Romania (“Main challenges today in teaching and learning management in higher education”), 3 June;
  • 2016: Keynote Speaker at New Generations Learning Space Design 2016, University of Melbourne (‘Informal Learning Spaces to Enhance Creativity for Successful Graduates’);
  • 2015: Guest Speaker at “The Smart Campus and Inclusion”, School of Education, St. Andrews Building, 11 Eldon Street, University of Glasgow, 18 September;
  • 2015: Keynote Speaker at UTS ‘Innovations in Education’ Group retreat, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), University of Technology Sydney, 9 September;
  • 2015: Keynote Speech at TEQSA Senior Program Staff Development Program: “The changing architecture for managing teaching and learning”, 25 August – 530 Collins Street, Melbourne;
  • 2015: Keynote Speaker at New Generations Learning Space Design 2015: “Exploring Strategies for Evaluating Formal and Informal Learning Spaces”. Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney – 17 March
  • 2015: Keynote Speaker at Australia China Cultural & Professional Exchange Meeting with delegation of prospective students from China: “How to become a good learner in a (good) Australian university”. Stafford Room, Queen’s College, 1-17 College Crescent, The University of Melbourne – 2 March
  • 2015: Guest Speaker at TDA VELT Program – TAFE Directors Australia and LH Martin Institute: “Teaching and Learning in the Australian Tertiary System”. Conference room, 1 Batman’s Hill Drive, Docklands, Melbourne – 6 March
  • 2014: Guest presenter at the meeting with Delegation from Capital Normal University, China: Learning and Teaching at the University of Melbourne. Melbourne Graduate School of Education, 234 Queensberry Street, University of Melbourne
  • 2014: Guest Speaker at New dynamics of teaching and learning, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency: “The changing architecture for managing teaching and learning. How might the changing social and regulatory landscape of higher education influence management of teaching and learning?”. Level 14, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne – October, 2014
  • 2014: Guest Speaker at Ideas and Issues in Higher Education: “University corridors, student engagement and ethos”, Centre for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Melbourne – 14 April
  • 2013: Guest Speaker at Flipped Futures? Space, Technology, Time New Learning Futures: “Transitional Spaces in Campus – Reading University Corridors”. The University of Melbourne – 18 July
  • 2012: Keynote Speaker: “A perfect storm for universities and global growth”. The Rotary Club of Sydney CBD, Australia, Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney – 3 December
  • 2012: Guest Speaker at the International Conference AQR/Discourse, Power and Resistance Down Under: “Reading walls on university corridors: a hermeneutic journey through transitional learning spaces in campus”. Charles Darwin University, 7 August;
  • 2012: Panel Presentation: “Students’ imaginations and emergence of creativity through curriculum. Argument for a new educational paradigm for universities”. Conference on Creative Education, Shanghai, China – May;
  • 2012: Keynote Panellist: “Imagination in Education; Engaging the Imagination and Emotions of Learners”. University of Notre Dame, School of Education, Pioneer House, 104 Broadway, Sydney, Australia – May;
  • 2008: Lecturer, “Imaginative education and educational strategies for hyperactive students”, School Inspectorate of Brasov County, Romania – May;
  • 2007: Panel presentations: “IRNIE and projects in imaginative education”, Tbilisi, Georgia; Naples-Salerno, Italy; Bucharest, Romania; Salzburg, Austria – April-May.
  • 2006: Guest Speaker at The Imaginative Education Research Symposium: “Imagine the future: role models and students’ captured imagination”. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada – 12-15 July.
  • 2006: Guest Speaker at SASAMAT Fifth Annual Faculty of Education-Wide Symposium Education With/Out Borders: “Erasmus vs. GATS”. Belcarra Park, Port Moody, Canada – October.
  • 2006: Keynote Speaker: “Motivation for Learning and Idea of Success for Romanian Students”. Presented at the Conference on Consiliului National al Elevilor (National Students’ Council, Romania), Calimanesti, Romania – March.
  • 2005: Panel Presentation: “Romanian Educational System”. Presented at the Aaharon Ofri Training Center, Jerusalem, Israel –
  • 2005: Guest Speaker: “Romanian Higher Education in the European Context”. Presented at the College of Business and Economics, De La Salle University – Manila, Philippines, 12 July.
  • 2004: Guest Speaker: “Motivation in Education: Students’ Role Models”. Presented at Halpern Centre-Burnaby Campus, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, Canada – September.
  • 2004: Guest Speaker: “Imagination and Education through Drama”. Presented at the Conference on “English through Drama”, Bucharest, Romania – November.
  • 2002: Guest Presentation: ““University Autonomy and Educational Reform in Romania”. Presented at Salzburg Seminar – Universities Project, 20th Symposium: “The Meanings of Autonomy: University Governance Reconsidered”, Salzburg, February.
  • 2002: Keynote Speaker: “Katitzi and Education for All: Gypsies and Racism in Romanian Education”. Presented at the national seminar on Roma education organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest and The Government of Romania, Bucharest, Romania – April.
  • 2001: Panel presentation: “Educational Reform in a New Democracy: Romanian Educational System”. Presented at Salzburg Seminar – Universities Project, 18th Symposium, “Universities and Social Transformation”, Salzburg, Austria – September.
  • 2001: Panel Presentation: “Education against Racism, Discrimination and Anti-Semitism – Teaching Holocaust in Romanian Schools”. Presented at the Institute for Judaism and Jewish History “Dr. Moshe Carmilly”, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – April.
  • Panel Presentation: ”Educational Policies for Citizenship Education in Romania”. Presented at The Third Meeting of the Working Group on Education for democratic Citizenship and management of Diversity of the Enhanced Graz Process, Timisoara, Romania – March.
  • 2001: Panel Presentation: ”Children Rights and Educational Policies Promoted by Romania’s Ministry of Education”. Presented at The International Conference ”Global Movement for Children – Regional Consultation of the Civil Society Organizations”, Bucharest, Romania – April.
  • 2001: Keynote Speaker: ”Romanian Educational System: Problems and Challenges”. Presented at The U.S. Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania – July.
  • 2000: Panel Presentation: “Citizenship education and Educational Policies against Discrimination”. Presented at The Central European University Summer School, Budapest, Hungary – July.
  • 1999: Panel Presentation: “Global Citizenship and School Curriculum”. Presented at the “Education for Active Citizenship” – Council of Europe and The Central Bureau. Oxford, U.K. – October.
  • 1999: Panel Presentation: “Romanian Educational System in Statistical Data”. Presented at Catalunya General Department of Education: “Les Statistiques de l’education”. Barcelona, Spain – May.
  • 1998: Panel Presentation at the International Seminar ”Restorying the ‘Polis’: Civil Society as a Narrative Reconstruction”: “Building and Rebuilding the Individual as a Teleological Function of Education Imagery”. The Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA – September.

Professional Publications (Non-refereed)

  • Popenici, S. and Millar, V. (2015). Writing Learning Outcomes. A Practical Guide for Academics. Melbourne: MCSHE, The University of Melbourne. Available at
  • Popenici, S. (2015). A look at built spaces that nurture learning and creativity: New Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning building at the University of Melbourne. Published on April 27. Available at
  • Popenici, S. (2015). The moving target of Internationalisation of Higher Education in Europe. European Association for International Education. Published on 7 October. Available at
  • Popenici, S. (2015). Universities can’t, and shouldn’t, educate to suit employers. The Conversation. Published on 12 August. Available at
  • Popenici, S. (2014). Human capital, academic values and sustainable governance in higher education. Insights, LH Martin Institute. Published January 28, 2014. Available at
  • Popenici, S. (2013). Move along, little is new about what MOOCs offer. The Globe and Mail. Published October 02, 2013. Available at
  • Parsell, M., Popenici, S., Nicolson, F., and White, S. (2013). Review of Education at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine. Professional Report submitted to The Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University.
  • Popenici, S. (2013). The Price of Higher Education: Investigating Global Commoditization. The EvoLLLution (online journal). Available at
  • Hajdarpasic, A., Brew, A., Popenici, S. (2011). Report on undergraduate awareness, experiences and perceptions of research at Macquarie University. LTC: Macquarie University, Sydney (Archived at National Library of Australia at
  • Popenici, S. (2003) Looking for Options. Washington D.C: The Romanian Review, 30/31 May-6 June, p. 14
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  • Popenici, S. & Blendea, P. (1999) Studiul impactului masurilor de reforma la nivelul unitatii scolare (A Study on Reform Impact at School Level). Institute for Educational Sciences, Bucharest, Romania

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